Friday, May 23, 2008

Common Phrases: Korean Terminology

ye --------------- yes (also "ne")
anio --------------- no
kahm sa hamnida --------------- thank you
komap sumnida --------------- less formal form of "thank you"
cheon maeneyo -------------- you're welcome (literally "Don't mention it!")
cheuk ka hamnida --------------- congratulations!
ahnyong hasimnika ------ How are you? (literally "Are you well?" )
ahnyong hasayo ----------- less formal form of "How are you?"
yoboseyo ------------------- hello (used on the phone )
ahnyonghee gasipsiyo ------------ good-bye (to the person who is leaving)
ahnyonghee gyesipsiyo ----------- good-bye (to the person who is staying)
ahnyonghee gasayo ----------- less formal form of "good-bye"
ahnyonghee gyesayo ------------------- less formal form of "good-bye"
pangap seumnida ------------------- Pleased to meet you!
toh poepkeseoyo ------------------- See you later!
eoseo osayo ------------------- Welcome!
choesong hamnida ------------------- I'm sorry
mian hamnida ------------------- less formal form of "I'm sorry!"
shillye hamnida ---------- Excuse me!
kwaen chanayo ------------------- That's all right
ahlge seoyo ------------------- I understand
moreuge seoyo ------------------- I don't understand
chaemi isseoyo ------------------- It is fun (or interesting)!


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